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DEI Initiatives: Integral, Welcoming, and Successful

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives can re-vitalize your organization.  But the reactions of your associates may run the extremes: from optimism to acquiescence and, for some, the fear of being left out. How an organization approaches any initiative reveals a great deal about ‘who they are.’ Organizations all have history, values, rituals, and a …

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Influencing Through Your Leader-Center

In the work universe, leader types and styles abound.  Major leadership types include transformational, situational, servant, and charismatic – to name but a few. These are in profound contrast to the “Great Man” (traits-based) type as put forth by Francis Galton in his book Hereditary Genius over 150 years ago in 1869. I see this …

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The Paradigm Shift and Your Organization

Many have experienced huge shifts in our psychological, and social spheres of life  Moreover, the relationship of these to the world of work has prompted the term paradigm shift becoming a major topic of discussion just about everywhere.  Although it may be too early to predict a scientific paradigm shift at this time, the implications …

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