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Influencing Through Your Leader-Center

In the work universe, leader types and styles abound.  Major leadership types include transformational, situational, servant, and charismatic – to name but a few. These are in profound contrast to the “Great Man” (traits-based) type as put forth by Francis Galton in his book Hereditary Genius over 150 years ago in 1869. I see this …

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For a healthy new year!

Self-Renewal: One of Our Greatest Gifts

Seasons Greetings! The opportunity to self-renew brings a rare win-win-win to managers and leaders: personal, professional, and organizational benefits.  John Gardner in “Self Renewal: The Individual and the Innovative Society” (1964) stated, “Meaning is something you build into your life.” This sentiment is echoed by leadership experts such as Peter Senge (1990): “The leader’s purpose …

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