The responses you entered indicate a level of functioning in the moderate level of the team performance spectrum. This team appears to be capable of acceptable performance in a defined range of tasks, projects, and activities. A midrange rating indicates functionality gaps in specific core team processes which can be addressed by considering the core processes below.

Core Team Processes

Descriptions of select core processes:

Team Development Considerations

One of the questions we pose to organizations is related to the reason(s) you decided to reach out to discuss team performance at this time. Did an event, incident, or situation occur that prompted you to act?
There are several methods to consider to “take the pulse” of the team. Surveys and interviews can yield valuable information. Also, asking a trusted colleague to provide their observations of the team can provide a new perspective and information. If you are the team leader, timely and specific input from your manager as to their perception of both team performance and your leadership skills is crucial. Feedback from your manager about your own development needs is also key to enhancing team functioning and performance. This conversation may include discussion of a 360 feedback initiative, which involves gathering input from you and the team members.
We partner with our clients to develop the purpose and strategy of the 360 process to best align this initiative with your organization’s business and talent plans. Let us know if you need further information.
Based on your knowledge of this team, which core team processes do you see as being strong?
And which processes are in the most need of development?


We offer a 30 minute (gratis) consultation to discuss your concerns, exploring ways to address & enhance team performance.

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