The responses you entered indicate functioning at the higher end of the team performance spectrum. Very good levels of awareness and appreciation of members’ personalities, work styles, and task-solving capabilities appear to be present. Core team processes, based on this rating, are functioning at moderate-high levels.

Core Team Processes

Descriptions of select core processes:

Team Development Considerations

Team synergy is evidenced by a dynamic interchange among the members working together in partnership on tasks and projects. With higher performing teams, changes in team composition or leadership offers both danger and opportunity to all stakeholders. Monitoring these conditions is important particularly in the case of a change in team leadership or membership.
Offering these teams with ongoing development activities and “off-sites” can deepen team-solving capacity by moving the team out of their comfort zone; these experiences will also enhance another core process- that of TAD- Team Awareness & Development.
Another benefit here is the opportunity to identify exemplary team behaviors which have the potential to be considered “best practices” for other teams in the organization to consider.
Based on your knowledge of this team, which core team processes do you see as being strong?
And which processes are in the most need of development?


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