Leadership Consultation & Development

Deepening capacity to achieve greater insight and demonstrate effective leadership and managerial behaviors.


Organizations need effective leadership to meet the challenges and demands of the 21st-century workplace. Integrity, wisdom, and the ability to inspire are considered essential leader characteristics for many organizations. Conversely, the absence of these characteristics is often cited as the top reason talent leaves.
As leaders commit considerable time and energy to their people, investing time to develop capacity, abilities and professional acumen are key to ensuring a balanced and effective leadership approach.

Consultation & coaching

Creating and sustaining positive organizational change through exemplary leadership practices is an arduous process. Emerging/new leaders, middle managers and senior leaders – all require attention and development to perform effectively. Our consultation services suite includes a range of offerings including meeting with senior leaders to fully understand their role, perspective, and organizational goals.
Ongoing professional coaching has been found to be a sound and valued process by organizations and leaders alike. Our coaches facilitate the leader’s capacity to envision and achieve greater insight into their professional behaviors through the development of enhanced emotional and social intelligence skills.

Inventories & Profiles

Leadership inventories and profiles are useful as these provide a baseline for leadership aptitude and skills. The key is finding the right tool that meets the needs of the leader and the organization.
Our approach is to utilize leadership tools and inventories that:

Seminars & Retreats

Leaders choose to retreat for varied reasons with one fact being clear: off-campus seminars and retreats often yield prodigious results.
Participants report fresh awareness and insights to address organizational challenges. Teams have discovered increased cohesiveness and creativity which lead to innovative problem-solving approaches to vital issues.
On a personal level, “aha moments” can manifest, resulting in a greater capacity to enhance one’s life, work, and social domains.
Fresh insights, coupled with energy and focus, can help leadership teams pursue organizational challenges in a more unified and collaborative way.
Common reasons why teams choose to venture off-campus include:

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