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Giving – and Receiving – Better Professional Feedback

Providing effective feedback is a critical task for leaders at all levels of your organization. In fact, when done well, delivering powerful feedback is key to high levels of engagement amongst followers. Read on to discover 4 steps to purposive, results-driven feedback suggestions. Read on to discover 4 steps to purposive and formidable feedback.

1. Be Authentic

Authenticity is about recognizing your position of influence and perhaps sharing with the follower that you’re not perfect and feedback has been essential to your own leader development. Delivering a balanced (strengths and weaknesses) blend of information is important. A direct approach is fine, but craft your comments to fit the follower’s level of experience and personality. Your goal is to inform, inspire confidence, and provide clear direction, not diminish a follower’s motivation and spirit.

2. Specify Clear Goals

When associates are “in the loop” regarding the goals and objectives, both the macro (organization) and micro (your team) views are respected. However, when the input and worth of associates is clearly valued, and communicated (!), associates engage and will generate energy and commitment as they perceive being “part of” in contrast to feeling “apart from” the organization.

3. The Leader/Teacher Role

Who was your most favorite teacher? Most likely, someone who made you feel worthy and whose skills enriched your life. Your emotional and social intelligence is “front and center” when you engage employees in this process. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social Intelligence (SI) can be measured and improved; this is another key component of work we do with our client leaders, managers, and supervisors. Importantly, EQ and SI are the two most listed qualities which earns leaders and managers respect from their peers and followers.

Scenario: Montel has just delivered a knockout presentation
to the staff but he excluded some key data that you felt compelled
to insert at the end of his talk. Although the information was important to communicate, you’re afraid he is feeling marginalized and overshadowed by your input.

Steps to Consider: In the heat of the moment, all leaders can take an action that, upon reflection, could have been handled better. If this happens take prompt and constructive action. You may want to approach Montel at the end of the session and congratulate him on specific deliverables that made the presentation so on target. Then consider saying something like “Can we catch up later about a few items?” but make sure that meeting happens that day.

When you meet, you can consider sharing that your choice to intervene may have been short-sighted and express that you could have handled it with more finesse and/or better timing. You can also discuss the missing data, and be curious or confused as to why it wasn’t included. Crucially, maintain your openness and willingness to deal with your follower’s response and reactions with integrity and compassion.

4. Know Thyself

By far, the most reported reason as to why associates disengage and performance falters is due to a lack of honest communication. Another significant stat remains: The #1 reason people leave a position is usually due to their manager.

Know your own strengths and weaknesses before engaging in the vital feedback process. Gaining insight and feedback from those who know you well (including your own manager and a couple followers) is always recommended.

The Value of Corporate Coaching Services

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