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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein
Who knew that in 1916 Einstein’s theory of general relativity would change the world? While leaders are highly knowledgeable as to what makes a team, group, or organization excel, it may be challenging to conceive and operationalize that next, best step – that’s where we come in. We partner with you to facilitate awareness of optimal solutions through a different approach, different thinking to enable a fresh understanding of the path forward.
Here are just a few of the reasons why organizations reach out to us:

A rising star has stellar analytical capabilities but needs coaching to develop people skills.

A leader’s mood swings and command and control supervision style alienate peers and angers subordinates.

Leaders and managers lament that the organization doesn’t attract and/or retain the caliber of employees needed.

An HR professional is looking to enhance employee engagement and wonders, “How do we hit the mark?”

A business owner knows something’s amiss with both team morale and performance but…where to start?

Our Services

We provide focused, custom-designed services to enhance leadership and organizational performance.
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Deepening capacity to achieve greater insight and demonstrate effective leadership and managerial behaviors.
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The varied perspectives, experiences, and work styles of the members can be transformed into collaborative efforts more readily when there is open and honest communication.
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Organization Change

Knowing how to proceed with change efforts can pose challenges. Accounts of initiatives that missed the mark are stuff of legend in management and leadership literature. Our model suggests organization change efforts that incorporate a synchronized approach that integrates strategy, systems, and human behaviors.
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The Respectful Workplace Initiative

Respectful work environments are living entities that are constructed and maintained by all members of the organization. Leadership plays a critical role in this process by ensuring these efforts are given priority, time and the resources to achieve and maintain a culture of respect. Whether your organization has 15 or 5,000 people, this initiative sets the stage for a more inclusive, vibrant, and collaborative workforce.

News & Resources

Our blog and other articles and topics highlighting resources on organizational development and workplace excellence will be found here.
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